St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church

St. Paul, MN


St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church

St. Paul, MN


Affectionately known as the Kolo Sisters

Before St. Sava Church was built, there were two Serbian Sisters Circles (Kolos), one in South St. Paul and one in Minneapolis. After the church congregation was formed, the two kolos merged under the church "umbrella" as the "United Serbian Sisters Circle of South St. Paul, Minnesota."


The first big bake sale fund raiser for the South St. Paul Kolo Sisters was at the Serbian Hall, the center of local Serbian activity. Both the upper and lower halls were full of tables loaded with baked goodies. There was standing room only!

In the days ahead, many more bake sales and dinners followed. After all, there was a new church to support! Faithful supporters acquired many favorite tastes. The sarma dinners and palacinke proved to be quite popular. In addition, the homemade noodles were an especially big hit. It came to pass that orders were taken ahead of time just to keep up with the demand!


Over time, the bake sales turned into bazaars showcasing many homemade goods and craft items. This made the Kolo Sisters' fund raisers even more special.

While the Kolo Sisters' board and the ranks of their membership have changed throughout the years, one thing has not-the dedication and hard-working spirit of the Sisters, not to mention their heavenly cooking. St. Sava's social functions have been graced by many wonderful Sisters.


Today, the Kolo Sisters concentrate on supporting the church by hosting the coffee hours which follow the Holy Liturgy and other banquets. These include luncheons for the church slava, the church anniversary, and Easter, as well as the Christmas Eve dinner, the church picnic, and other special celebrations. The Kolo Sisters are also helping graduating high school(s) who have made contributions to St Sava Church with a one-time scholarship. Please visit the Scholarship page for more information.


As always, the Kolo Sisters are available to provide culinary support and hostessing for your special events. Contact the Kolo Sisters president for details on how they can help at your gathering, as well as membership information.

Special Endeavors

In 2008, a fund was established to grant an annual scholarship to a graduating high school senior accepted at an institution of higher learning.

Another undertaking of the Kolo Sisters was the kitchen upgrade of 2009. The Sisters now have a stainless steel kitchen, which is roomier and better supports their workflow.


2016 Kolo Board Members


President Risima (Keka) Micevic-Sayler

Vice-President Diane Keehr

Secretary Vesna Stemwell

Treasurer Vera Micevic

Sunshine Sandy Pjescich


Terms are for 1 year.

The Kolo Sisters meet throughout the year.